Huerons is a new and fresh, addictive puzzle game based in the same flat and minimalistic design philosophy like iOS8. It has elegantly, hand-crafted 100 puzzles around 9 unique Huerons, which behave differently bringing an element of puzzle, strategy, surprise and joy to the game. The puzzles are easy to learn and difficult to master. It will keep you busy during your trips, breaks, meetings, and any time when you are looking for a quiet moment. Huerons are tiny colored circle. They merge together into one, when you tap on an empty cell next to them. The puzzle is solved when only one Hueron is left on the board. Made with Infinite Eurekas and Hashstash. Published by Bulkypix.



  • A fresh and new puzzle experience
  • Simple and addictive gameplay
  • Teasingly difficult, infuriatingly fun puzzles
  • 100 elegant and hand crafted puzzles (more planned as free updates)
  • Flat and minimalistic design
  • Includes a color-blind friendly mode


Official Release TrailerYouTube


Awards & Recognition

  • "Best Strategy Game" Blackberry GameOn Contest (India)

About Fleon Labs

Fleon Labs is a one-man indie game studio based in Delhi, India and also a pseudonym for me (Himanshu). I collaborate with various talented people from all over the world and make unique games for niche audiences. The term "Fleon" was coined as a tribute of love for Adobe's Flash platform and games made using it. "Fleon" means "Flash will live for eons", but unfortunately Flash isn't alive anymore. But my inspiriation from Flash remains and I will continue to make games using that inspiration.
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Huerons Credits

Mudit Jaju
Game Design & Programming
Himanshu Kapoor
Art & UI Design
Kinshuk Sunil
Marketing & Outreach